Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Throughout its 38 year history the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence – Rideau Serving Leeds & Grenville has played a vital role in building community capacity by providing leadership opportunities, training and placement for volunteers in non-profit organizations and creating a sense of belonging and inclusion in the community for volunteers.

Nonprofit agencies and organizations have been served through the promotion of volunteerism, the recruitment and referral of volunteers, education and networking support to agencies and individuals.


Mission and Vision


Fostering excellence and leadership in volunteerism through programs, services and support.


A vibrant, caring community where volunteers enrich lives and people feel connected.


Respectful and Inclusive

Passionate and Fun



Our Staff

Mary Lynn Villeneuve

Centre Manager
(613) 498-2111 Ext. 226


Marion Dalley

Volunteer and Events Coordinator
(613) 498-2111 Ext. 374

Our Board Members



Catherine Durnford-Wang  – Chair

Wendy Galloway – Past Chair

Peter Goodman- Treasurer

Austin de Luis               Dale Elliott

Ann Chick              Beth Scott






The Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau is seeking applicants to serve on its Board of Directors.  We are looking for community minded individuals to foster excellence and leadership in volunteerism through our programs, services and support.   

If you are interested in more information please reach out to us at 613-498-2111 ext. 226 or email mvilleneuve@volunteercentre.ca

Our History

Our future in the making.

The Volunteer Centre was founded as the Volunteer Bureau in 1981 due to the vision of dedicated community activist Betty Haley.

The need for a coordinated approach to assist nonprofit organizations with their volunteer needs was made evident to Betty while she was working on a YMCA volunteer engagement project.

She quickly realized that many organizations did not have the capacity to actively recruit volunteers and thought it would be beneficial to have an organization that could act as a broker or clearing house for volunteers.

Discussion with other concerned community members resulted in a seven member steering committee and the formation of an elected board.

The Volunteer Bureau of Leeds and Grenville’s doors opened April 1st, 1981. The organization became a registered charity on January 1st, 1991 and was incorporated on July 14, 2000.

Several additional programs were founded under Betty’s tenure as Executive Director including:

  • Drivers Program – a program to drive seniors and low income individuals to doctors’ appointments
  • Community Income Tax Program
  • Mayors’ Community Walk which provides local area nonprofits the opportunity to raise funds and highlights the work of volunteers in our community.

Thirty years later the Centre continues to offer the successful Income Tax Program. The Drivers Program was moved to the Victorian Order of Nurses in May 2002.

After 22 years of dedicated service Betty Haley retired on June 1, 2003 with Cheryl Marshall becoming the new Executive Director.

Cheryl made many contributions to the Centre during her four year tenure. She was instrumental in coordinating the work of United Way member agencies to support the United Way campaign through successful stew luncheons. She left the Centre in 2007 to pursue another exciting opportunity in our community.

Frank Rockett took over the helm as Executive Director in 2007 upon Cheryl’s departure.
Frank worked to raise the Centre’s profile in the community while placing an emphasis on sustainability. He initiated several new programs, including the Resource Rental Program. Additional new programs and partnerships include ChangetheWorld Youth Volunteer Challenge.

Over the years, our organization has expanded. On our 30th anniversary, we became the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence – Rideau Serving Leeds & Grenville.

On February 12, 2014, Harold Hess became the new Centre Manager until his retirement in May of 2020.

Our current Volunteer Centre Manager is Mary Lynn Villeneuve who has been with the Volunteer Centre in various capacities for the past 6 years.

To this day, the Volunteer Centre strives to enrich the Leeds Grenville community through volunteerism.  In these challenging times the Volutneer Centre will focus on growth and development to help meet the needs of our communities and the non-profit agencies we serve.

Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community at large. It is about making a meaningful contribution to a better community.